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Tobi Olabode
2 min readJun 13, 2021
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When I was reading a Reddit thread. People were wondering if there were YouTubers reviewing papers. As the OP noticed that one of the YouTuber’s that he regularly watched stopped uploading videos. There are a few YouTubers that talk about ML and review papers.

I decided to compile some of the YouTube channels into this short list.

Two Minute Papers does great overviews of fascinating papers. Showing the increasing progress of ML.

Some of the videos I liked:

- 4 Experiments Where the AI Outsmarted Its Creators

This video showed various AI solving a problem not in the way the researchers intended to. That may include abusing the physics in the simulation or lateral thinking used by the model.

- A Video Game That Looks Like Reality!

A review of a paper that takes GTA V gameplay and converts them to photo-realistic footage.

Yannic Kilcher does in-depth reviews of various papers. As you go through the paper he shows you his thought process. And showing what important inside the paper. Very useful if don’t read that many papers. (Like me)

Some good videos:

- Attention Is All You Need

A review of a paper that introduced transformers.

- DeepMind’s AlphaFold 2 Explained! AI Breakthrough in Protein Folding What we know (& what we don’t)

A great rundown on protein folding and speculating how Alphafold 2 works.

- GPT-3: Language Models are Few-Shot Learners (Paper Explained)

A comprehensive paper reading of the GPT-3 paper.

Bycloud you may have seen him around on Reddit. Creates short and insightful summaries of papers.

- AI Sky Replacement with SkyAR

Summary of paper that creates AR effects in video footage. Adding various effects to the video footage’s sky.

- AI Generates Cartoon Characters In Real Life [Pixel2Style2Pixel]

Reviewing a paper that converts cartoon characters to real-life equivalents and vice versa. Also explains how the paper made it easier to adjust the parameters of the GAN. Helping us adjust what images we want to produce.

Machine Learning Street Talk

This is a podcast series that interviews top ML researchers. While they don’t have videos about papers alone. As they interview various experts in the field. So they talk about many papers as a consequence.

While this is a short list maybe you can find these channels interesting and learn something new.


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