Note: I’m trying something new, while I’m learning new concepts, I will try to use the Feynman technique to cement my learning and share the explanations with you. Hopefully, some of these explanations can prove helpful in your learning journey.

We can turn derivatives into limits.

Here we have an example graph:

Before finding the slope of a. We can work out the slope of the general function. The plot x and x + h.

h is an arbitrary small number that can be adjusted as h approaches 0.

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There are lots of ML resources around. But so much material how do you pick which ones are good and right for your situation?

These are what roadmaps are for. Many people in the ML community have made some you can view.

Daniel Bourke roadmap

Blog post ver

One of the most comprehensive ML roadmaps I have seen. Most beginner to intermediate questions will likely be answered in this mind map.

Deep Learning Papers Reading Roadmap

A great list of papers that you can try to implement. …

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Depending on how much time you spend on social media. This statement may shock you. If you have a life and go outside this has been obvious for a long time.

Why such a big disconnect?

Because when you use social media for a majority of your time. You start to think that is actually how the world works. Because most of the data points you are getting about the world is from the internet. This starts to create problems because of a term you heard 10 million times: Echo Chambers and outrage.

The echo chamber is an issue because of a promotion of a…

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A while ago, I was reading a thread on the LearnML subreddit. Which the OP needed to scrape webpage data for his ML project.

People in the thread gave good answers. Which was mainly learn how to use beautifulsoup and selenium.

But the OP may not know how to relate to his ML project. If he has no experience with those libraries.

I have used BeautifulSoup and Selenium for some of my data science projects. While not the most advanced tasks it got the work done.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to scrape a webpage…

I was reading a thread a while ago and the OP asked:

I have data from different input sources that vary in the number of columns they have. It looks like for Keras I need to make sure every file has the same number of columns. My first thought is to just add 0’s where the columns should be but I don’t know what this does to weighting so I’m asking here. Thanks!

This looks like another feature engineering problem. My best answer is to make a combined dataset of these various sources.

This can be done with pandas. Using…

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I was reading a Reddit thread in which the OP called for help forecasting some of the weekday performance in the dataset. Machine learning allows you a few ways to do this.

This is the area of time series forecasting. There are two main ways to do this. First, you can use neural networks like LSTMs. Which takes a sequence of data and predicts the next time window. The second is to use the methods from the stats world. Mainly stuff like ARIMA.

In this article, we are just going to focus on using ARIMA. …

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Recently I read a decent article by Darius Foroux called Arthur Schopenhauer: There Are Only Two Kinds Of Writers. Which talked about the Arthur Schopenhauer idea of two writers.

There are above all two kinds of writers: those who write for the sake of what they have to say and those who write for the sake of writing. The former have had ideas or experiences which seem to them worth communicating; the latter need money and that is why they write — for money.

If you hang out on Twitter or medium often, you probably notice more of the second…

Working from home can be tiring. Time to look for a third option

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Recently I read a great article by Cal Newport putting a new spin on remote working. He calls for people to make use of third spaces for our work. Rather than working from home.

Taking your laptop to a rented office or a Starbucks is not a new idea. But Cal Newport argues that employers should subsidize their worker’s offices. Due to the increased productivity gains, he argues it’s a no-brainer. As investment will pay for itself.

At the beginning of the article, Cal Newport introduces the scene of many authors who rented space to do their work. Maya Angelou…

Machine Learning, Mathematics

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I have been looking for content to improve my maths skills for ML. I have also noticed when scrolling a few threads many people did not find content that explains maths in an intuitive manner. Leading to a lack of belief in learning ML. But this does not have to be.

I’m with you, odd-looking characters and Greek letters don’t look welcoming. But they are some good teachers online that can demystify that experience.

Some of those materials are below:

General Maths Videos Series

3blue1brown Calculus and Linear Algebra series

I remember watching both of these series a while ago and I will be…

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When I was reading a Reddit thread. People were wondering if there were YouTubers reviewing papers. As the OP noticed that one of the YouTuber’s that he regularly watched stopped uploading videos. There are a few YouTubers that talk about ML and review papers.

I decided to compile some of the YouTube channels into this short list.

Two Minute Papers does great overviews of fascinating papers. Showing the increasing progress of ML.

Some of the videos I liked:

- 4 Experiments Where the AI Outsmarted Its Creators

This video showed various AI solving a problem not in the way the…

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