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Did you know that you run python scripts in Google Colab?

No? Neither did I.

Just learned from reading a reddit comment.

I’m going to show you how to do so in this blog post. So you use Google’s compute power to its full use.

If I learned about this earlier then many of my projects would make be easier.

If you saved your script in your google drive folder. Then click the mont google drive button. And provide permission.

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I was reading an interview by the co-founder and now VP of TikTok Alex Zhu. Describing how creating a social network is like making a new country.

This is how he describes it:

Building an influencer community is very similar to building a new country (economy) from the ground up. In the early stage, building a community from scratch is a lot like discovering new land. Imagine you just discover new land. Let’s call it America. Now you want to build an economy. You want to grow the population and you want people to migrate to your country.


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Biological Determinism

Last week I read a report by the Data & Society. A research group that investigates the impact of technology. The report talks about the common myths of technology. One myth I will be exploring is social media is addictive and powerless to resist.

They examined that most myths in the report come down to biological determinism:

which suggests that our “Paleolithic” brains cannot resist “God-like” technology, placing too much power in the hands of tech companies to both create and destroy our capacity for attention.

This concept gives a good idea of the recent anti-tech movement.

The general idea…

An alternative to for-profit social media

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I read a WIRED opinion piece. Which talked about the need for public digital spaces. Which is social media not driven by profit.

He called them online parks. Digital spaces where you can have a good time like public parks. But you don’t have billboards anywhere telling you to buy some useless trinkets.

This can resemble real parks where you can meet people of all backgrounds. And move us closer to the goal of an open web.

Right now, you meet people around the world on the internet. …

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Stopping fire when it starts spreading

I was reading a great interactive article from which talked about misinformation for the 2020 election. And how Facebook tends to feed the problem. From a design perspective.

We all know that Facebook likes engagement. As it means more people interact with their service. And get to stay on it for longer.

But that’s one of the main reasons why misinformation spreads.

Because misinformation tends to be more engaging than real information. Because of that, the algorithm is more likely to show you something false. Due to the high likelihood of being shared.

When something is highly shared. People…

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Have you noticed that social media services are used by different people?

Rich VCs talk about life and wealth on Twitter.

Fashionistas share their work on Instagram.

Your uncles and grandmas are on Facebook.

And your favourite video game streamer is on YouTube.

Why is that?

These social media services have millions of users. So they should house every community you can think of. So, it can’t because of the culture.

The answer has to do with the medium itself. Clothes are inherently visual. You can write an essay about them. But having a picture of it. …

Fairness, Opinion

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Not unique but very useful

I was reading an article on Wired about the need for auditable AI. Which would be third party software evaluating bias in AI systems. While it sounded like a good idea. But I couldn’t help think it’s already been done before. With Google’s what if tool.

The author explained that the data can be tested. By checking how the AI responds by changing some of the variables. For example, if the AI judges if someone should get a loan. Then what the audit would do. Is check that does the race effect getting the loan. Or gender, etc. So if…

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If you’re a programmer who has suffered from this issue before. This set of events may happen to way too often. You are working on a project. Then just found out on Reddit. There is an interesting library that you can check out. Then you spend your whole day reading up on documentation. And trying out the library. But by the end of the day. You noticed that your original project. Has made little progress.

If that’s you.

You suffer from shiny object syndrome.

This blog post should be the antidote.

Why is shiny object syndrome dangerous?

You probably know why. You spend time running around…

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Social media isn’t just a reflection of human nature. It’s a force that defines human nature, through incentives baked into the way products are designed.

The title is from the book No Filter. Where the author argues that Instagram not a neutral piece of technology. But a tool that provides incentives to users to use the product in a certain way. This line reminds me of Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. Where Neil Postman argued that a piece of media changes how the user sees the world. In the book, he had the example of television. In which TV…

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This blog post is going to be slightly off the beaten path. It is still in the realm of technology and science. Which is the stuff I normally write about. But I decided to put a twist on it. As recently I was watching a few videos about space. Namely how we would be building a moon base. I wondered how AI can fit into the mix. So this blog post is asking that question.

Before we land humans on the moon. We need to find sites that are suitable for human occupation. Luckily we are a ready doing this…

Tobi Olabode Interested in technology, Mainly writes about Machine learning for now.

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