4 ML Roadmaps to Help You Find Useful Resources To Learn From

Tobi Olabode
1 min readJul 11, 2021
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There are lots of ML resources around. But so much material how do you pick which ones are good and right for your situation?

These are what roadmaps are for. Many people in the ML community have made some you can view.

Daniel Bourke roadmap

Blog post ver

One of the most comprehensive ML roadmaps I have seen. Most beginner to intermediate questions will likely be answered in this mind map.

Deep Learning Papers Reading Roadmap

A great list of papers that you can try to implement. That starts from the fundamentals of deep learning to the state of the art.

Deep Learning’s Most Important Ideas — A Brief Historical Review

It is not formally a roadmap. But can be used as such. As it talks about the most fundamental papers of DL. That you can implement.

A machine learning roadmap by Santiago

Short article giving a high level run down on learning ML. And the various resources.

This is a very short article but hopefully, you found some of the resources useful.


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